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If your baby is between 6 months and 3 yearsand you want to learn to do amazing , recipes for babies Exclusive!

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There are more than 100 delicious recipes for babies, which will allow you to have a much healthier and tastier diet.

You will follow a very healthy diet that will allow you to increase vitamins and nutrients.

With these recipes you will know what your baby likes the most.

It has recipes for every occasion, from lunch to Christmas dinner.

You will have a much more organized menu knowing what to eat each day.

Meet Your Instructor:

I am Tania Beatriz, a mother and pediatrician for more than 13 years and a specialist in child nutrition. I have always been in love with babies since I was a child but I didn't know how to take care of them and after many years of experience as a pediatrician and mother I have created a recipe book for babies with +7 bonuses, which has helped more than 643 women around the world. world in the last 37 months.

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You will get 7 100% free Bonuses!

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BONUS 01. Guide to Prohibited Foods for Babies

You will learn what you should avoid giving to your baby to ensure their health and well-being.


BONUS 02. homemade yogurt

You will learn how to prepare homemade yogurt for your baby, to avoid industrialized yogurts.


BONUS 03. Childhood dream

You will get the infant sleep e-book, this guide will help you put your baby to sleep so that he or she does not wake up at dawn.


BONO 04. BLW method

You will learn the BLW method, to give fruits to your baby correctly, to prevent your baby from choking.


BONO 05. Weekly menu for your baby

You will have a weekly menu to organize feeding times and schedules and what to feed your baby.


BONO 06. VIP Group On Telegram

You will have access to a group of moms and dads to exchange questions and experiences, connect and learn!


BONO 07. Certificate

To get your certificate, just send us 5 plates of food made for your little treasure no telegram, and we will immediately send the certificate to your email address.


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This is an eBook of unique baby recipes that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.
It contains more than 100 recipes for your baby, each recipe has its illustration, so you know how the dish will look once it is ready.

Which has helped more than 643 women to feed their children better

It is impressive for those mothers who want to give their baby better nutrition.

For mothers who have babies from 6 months to 3 years old and who want to feed their baby better to have better child growth

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